Libertarian Microfiche Publishing

still exists in August 09 – but no new titles have been added since PEACE PLANS No. 1779, back in 2002.

Because the main LMP literature list filled already the space here available, further lists could not be added. Thus the main list and a supplementary one could not be published here. Until recently, the first and main list and supplementary ones were reproduced on

but this website was closed down, at least temporarily, this month.

Now the first part of the LPM list, to PEACE PLANS 1545 is only available through the LIBERTARIAN LABYRINTH site.

The follow-up list of PEACE PLANS 1546-1768 is now offered here, but not another list of these titles by PEACE PLANS numbers, for lack of space.

PEACE PLANS 1-20 and a few other titles, e.g. PP 183 on the Ideas Archive & my first peace book, in PP 61-63, also most titles the sub-series ON PANARCHY: OP 1-12 & 17-19 of a total of 25 issues, and a collection of PRIVATE human rights drafts, in PP 589/590 & answers to my PEACE QUESTIONNAIRE, in PP 650, and a few others, are already offered digitized, as zipped email attachments, free upon request, until they appear online or on a CD.

My SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY compilation, was also finished as far as I could and wanted to and is online at - SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, Ca. 38 Mbs, including ca. 520 Kbs of Jokes extracted from these files.

The webmaster, Ryan Henrie, wrote to me: Also, as a coding/learning exercise, I created a php/sql database interface for the slogans. – - To add more:

I have mirrored the directory to my server as well.

This disc, which was for a while on, contains many other libertarian files offered by me as well. – But I doubt that the whole contents of that CD was reproduced by www.dataprospecting.

I am anyhow working towards offering these and many more libertarian files on a CD, perhaps even a DVD.

Today I browsed through two electronic libertarian libraries that are also offered, via links, by www.dataprospecting, bringing a special collection of them from that website and another and much longer list, over 2 Mbs., of libertarian books and articles, from the Mises Institute and

They offer much more than I can hope to read in the rest of my life, which may be rather short, at 76.

But, perhaps I will still experience all freedom writings being offered either online or, more conveniently, on a few CDs or DVDs or a single large external HD.

Many FREEDOM BOOKS, and articles, free online:

Help to make this list, or any other such list, complete!

Much more input is still required.

Add at least your favorites, to the extent that they are already digitized

or that you digitize them yourself!

Price: For the LMP microfiche editions of PEACE PLANS, 1779 issues from 1964 to 2002: Still only US $ 1 cash for each PEACE PLANS No., often containing several books, if at least 10 are ordered. Otherwise US $ 3 each. Cheques are not acceptable. Their conversion might cost me more than they are worth.

PIOT, John Zube

( Panarchism In Our Time )


To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice! )

John Zube, 35 Oxley St., or P.O. Box 52, Berrima,

NSW 2577, Australia - Tel.: (02) 48 771 436


Should not libertarians collaborate, sufficiently & electronically, to put 3000 freedom books on a CD,

15 000 on a DVD and over 3 million,

or their page equivalents,

on a single external HD of 1 Tb,

the size of a single book?

Where there is a will there exists this way.

What keeps you from helping to thus provide a comprehensive libertarian electronic world library,

one that could be duplicated and sold very cheaply?


I am also working towards

1.) a SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY encyclopedia, ( That was finished in the meantime! See the link offered. – J.Z., 25.8.09 )

2.) a handbook on full monetary freedom or free banking &

3.) one on PANARCHISM ( To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams and choice! ) ( A start was made with a long but still incomplete Pan A to Z, and with the digitizing of my ON PANARCHY sub-series. – J.Z., 25.8.09. )

4.) I would like others to collaborate towards a complete electronic health encyclopedia, with all the pro and con of orthodox & alternative healers, information otherwise only released fractionally & expensively in books or by visits to professionals. – Insufficient or false information predominates so far in this sphere and the best is not systematically & electronically offered together.

Who is so healthy that he would not find complete health information useful?

One is not free if one is not healthy, old, or dies all too early.

PIOT, John Zube, 14.1.2008, somewhat updated 25.8.09.

(Panarchism In Our Time!)